Character Analysis Of Soda In 'The Outsiders'

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vWhen you have fun and are having a good time in The Outsiders by S.E Hinton you know that you are talking about the character Soda. Soda is a wild and crazy character that just gets drunk on life itself. Soda is also a fun and very good looking character that likes to have a good time. Soda likes to be romantic, but can also get torn, or can be seen sticking up for someone else. Soda is also very romantic in a way that if he finds the girl he likes, he will try to marry her. “‘Steve and Soda are picking up Evie and Sandy for the game.’” said Steve( S.E Hinton, pg.14). Soda and Sandy are girlfriend and boyfriend and Soda thinks Sandy likes him a lot. When Soda asks her out he figures out that she doesn’t love him but she liked him. Soda is very torn and has been before because his favorite horse Mickey Mouse was taken away before ,and he loved that horse a lot just like he loved Sandy. He learns that she was going to move to California anyways.…show more content…
“‘ How come you dropped out?’said Ponyboy ‘Cause I’m dumb the only things that I’m passing in where gym and mechanics!’ said Soda”( Hinton, pg.17). Soda also needed to help his family because there were only three brothers in the family and they needed all the money that they could

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