The Importance Of Communication In American Culture

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Introduction There is no use denying the fact that we live in the world which is almost deprived of any borders. Blistering development of different means of transport and communication led to the appearance of such issue as globalization. Nowadays, it is easier for people to move across the world and investigate different countries and various cultures. That is why, another important issue, which is cultural relativism, obtains it significance. According to the main ideas of this phenomenon to understand the main sense of different cultures better a person should investigate peculiarities of different cultures taking into account the context, environment and conditions under which these unique features appeared. However, it is possible to…show more content…
The term etic is often defined as the approach to the investigation of culture peculiar to the outsider as members of the culture are too involved in it (Miner 1956). It is extremely vital to be able to analyze the culture from this point of view as it can help to obtain credible information. That is why, analysis of communication with the help of this approach should be performed. It should be said that according to Robertson people build their communication basing on cultural phenomena and mentality peculiar to them (2006). That is why, it should be said that to outsiders the way in which Americans communicate can seem to be the reelection of development of American society and state. It could be the truth in some degree. The whole world knows the famous American smile which is taken as the sign of careless and light character of Americans. Moreover, according to the same stereotypes, American nation is one of the most friendly and communicative. However, very often people face some other attitude and become surprised because of the discrepancy between expectation and reality. The thing is that the manner of communication also depends on the circumstances under which the process of communication is performed. Moreover, the mood of interlocutor also influences it. At the same time, it is possible to say that there are some general…show more content…
It has already been stated that emic approach, which is defined as the analysis of some culture from the point of view of insider, should be used here. There are several reasons fro this choice. First o all, it should be said that the usage of this approach will help to understand the main peculiarities of the culture better because to describe and analyze them from emic perspective a person should obtain much information about it. That is why, it is vital to use it in our investigation. First of all, it should be said that there is a great difference between American and Slavic ways of communication which is determined by mentalities of people and their culture. The thing is that in Slavic culture emotions and feelings prevail over some rational aspects and, that is why, the process of communication is not so straightforward and communication oriented. In other words, what is said is less important than how it is said. People give more attention to emotional sphere and even sharing some important information they try to show their perception of it and feelings and emotions connected with the whole process. Additionally, members of this culture are often described as very gloomy and reserved people who smile rarely. Though, it should be said that this stereotype is not completely true. The thing is that in Slavic culture the

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