Negative Body Image Essay

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Body Image is defined as how a person perceive his or her appearance of their body in terms of perceptual experience as well as subjective evaluation (Heatherton & Hebl, 1998). In general, body image is known as how one self-perceive his or her own body. In relation to the mass media, body image has certainly becoming a hot topic recently. Model fitness in magazines, reality television shows about overweight people losing the most weight, promoting video tutorials on losing weight and building muscular in body fitness channel from YouTube, putting a muscular shirtless man exercising in a gym equipment commercial and many more (Harris, Cady & Barlett, 2007). All of these exposure from the mass media are beneficial but only to a certain extend.…show more content…
al., 2005). Based on past research, there is negative impacts to the person’s body esteem, body satisfaction as well as self-esteem when body is exposed in the presence of mass media (Fawkner & McMurray, 2002). The meaning of these three components of body images are body esteem is labeled as the amount of values given from a person to their body (Franzoi & Shields, 1984). The higher value indicates higher body esteem such as self-confidence, high satisfaction, and having self-worth towards their body. Besides that, self-esteem is known as how confident is the person based on their abilities and self-worth (Rosenberg, 1965). It focuses more towards the happiness of the person’s body. Body satisfaction is defined as the person’s thoughts towards their own body (Baranowski et. al., 2003). Their thought is comparing the differences between their current body size to the ideal body size. In relation to these three body components, research has shown that body satisfaction and body esteem are associated with one’s self-esteem (Barlett et. al.,
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