The Outsiders Character Analysis

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Johnny is an outsider because his traits are quite soft and shy, but he is also thoughtful and put his friends in front of himself. He is caring because he was terrified when Ponyboy ran to him crying after Darry had hit him. He is innocent because when he killed the Soc, he was scared and felt completely sick and regretted it. He is anxious because when Ponyboy and him were hanging out at the drive-in movie, and talking to Cherry Valance, Two-bit had walked behind him and pretended to be Soc; and scared Johnny so bad, that his face went completely white and he closed eyes because it reminded him of the time that the Socs had jumped him. Johnny is compassionate because when Ponyboy and Johnny had to escape to the church, Johnny made sure that Ponyboy was completely disguised and that they had food. Johnny had gotten Ponyboy gifts, like the book he had always wanted. Johnny is an amazing friend and he held the gang together like glue, no had realised it until after he…show more content…
Dally was daring because when he was supposed to be in the hospital resting his arm, he pulled a switchblade on a nurse and he was sent free, then he went to a fight with a pretty much broken arm, and still beat the Socs with it. He had also given the boys (Ponyboy and Johnny) a gun and money, and he knew that if Darry had found out that Dally had given that stuff to them and told them where to hide, that Darry would definitely injure him in some way or another. He was also aggressive as well, mentally and physically. The fight with his broken arm and him pulling a switchblade on the doctor, just to see Johnny. Dally is also kindhearted, but he does not show it that much. Dally had cried when Johnny had died and he committed suicide because of it. The reason why Dally did not show it that much was because Johnny was one of the, if not the only one, that he had truly
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