The Other Half Character Analysis

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In the play The Other Half a surgeon is conflicted on whether he should separate the twins or not. He often questions whether he is mentally prepared to end the life of one twin just for the other twin to have a chance at surviving. The twins, on the other hand, in the background says out loud what they want to do, some of which becomes disturbing. They both though end up contributing to the faith of the surviving twin. In this performance choices turn into being critical for almost every character involved. In the beginning I notice how the surgeon talked to himself a lot, while the twins had their conversation from aside as well. I think it is important to set this in the act, because it gives the reader a glimpse of their thoughts, and…show more content…
Meanwhile we have twin one saying, “I’m going to sneak into different movies at multiplexes,” and twin two, “I’m going to close my eyes” (Sickles 3). Both have different ideas going on in their mind, and it is important to note these, because as the play continues one will notice how the twins’ thoughts start to become twisted and vile. For example, as the separate conversations progress twin one mentions how she is going to be a “suicidal, heroine addicted, vaginally nondiscriminating, bingeing-and-purging, gun-fucking, non-bathing” human and sets examples like, “Episcopalian, publicly naked, anti-establishment, folk singer on VH-1” (Sickles 4). Now in reality that is not the brightest person to be, but it is what she is thinking out loud. Twin two as well expresses depressing things like, “My second abortion will have complications, but my third one will be fine” (Sickles 5). How can one already assume events like these? These are young teenage girls…show more content…
I think this is applied to the story, so that the reader can get more into depth of what they want from their life. Throughout the drama their “wants” become more complex, rather than just “I want to smell chocolate chip cookies” (Sickles 2). Also, it is set up this way so that the reader can get somewhat attached to the twins and form a small bond with them. We get to hear more of what they wish, and maybe some of them we can relate to. For example, “I’ll love a man who has no social skill or literary integrity, but who does have an exceptionally cute ass from very, very far away” (Sickles 5). Perhaps someone wishes for the same and has a relatable moment with twin one. Another possible reason the twins are more active in the first half is that in the end their parents and the doctor come into action. They have their moment in the story when everything was fast forwarded, and one of the twins is already gone. Before any of that happens though, the author wanted to “introduce” the twins enough so that the reader can catch some of the metaphors/symbolism happening with them. This is also helpful so that we can get some sort of connection between this twins, and examine what they have in common. Characteristics like their similarities, wants, thoughts can help us form a better image of what these twins actually look like. I cannot imagine a sixty year old female

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