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Netflix is one of the premier international platforms for streaming media and is more recently gaining favour with their original programming. House of Cards (cite), Orange Is The New Black(cite), and Daredevil (cite) have all been throttled into popularity by the internet giant and have gone on to win several awards (CITE). With over 4000 reviews on Netflix, one such original show, Sense8 is a science fiction television series that follows the stories of eight strangers and is defined by its immersive take on the human experience. Through cultural analysis, it is clear that Sense8 promotes diversity and a global, human experience through inclusivity and pushing the boundaries of oppressive stereotypes. Produced by the creators of The Matrix,…show more content…
The straight white male is the American cop, the East Asian woman is the secret martial arts fighter, the South Asian woman is trapped by the prospect of a modern arranged marriage, and the African man is struggling to provide for a family member with AIDS. Despite the obvious caricatures, an author for Untitled TV explains that “all these characters so often seen except in Sense8 we see them as people with those qualities, not those qualities with people attached” (CITE HERE). The writers made sure that each character went beyond their initial stereotypes while at the same time, staying true to their identities. Capheus, played by Aml Ameen, is more than a Kenyan bus driver with a mother living with AIDS. He is developed into a full, dynamic character that faces conflicts with pride and sacrifices while becoming known as the optimistic heart of the “sensates”. For Sense8, there is no token episode that talks about racism and prejudice. The show expertly weaves discourse surrounding politics, identity, religion, and oppressive social structures throughout the entire first season, further building the three dimensional structure of each of the

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