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Research Feature Film Analysis- Halloween Genre and Audience Halloween is a slasher horror film. Slasher is a sub genre of a horror film, typically involving a psychopathic killer stalking and murdering a sequence of victims in a graphically violent manner. It was directed by John Carpenter, who although has worked in numerous film genres, he is most commonly associated with horror and science fiction films from the 1970s and 1980s. The targeted audience for this film is most likely to be people above the age of 13-14 because of it’s violence and gore and also because of the beginning bit where a woman’s bare breasts are shown and this might not be very appropriate for people who are not mature (under 12) Gender Representation in the Film While looking at the representation of women of the film, there are two main viewpoints on it. Some feminists said that in this film, like any other horror film, women were…show more content…
It was made by a group of teenagers form our school. The targeted audience for this film is everyone but I think that children should not watch it because it’s really scary and they might be disturbed if they watch it. However, we can tell the targeted audience is everyone because it doesn’t include any nude scenes or violence and so youngsters can watch it and it is not very kiddish either so even oiler people can watch it. Analysis of my role (Editor) The whole film was edited quite well. however there are couple of scenes which are extraordinarily good for example at 1:28, when the two friends reach the bottom of the stairs and go out of the camera, we see the stalker as well but his going down the stairs has been fast forwarded and the way the sound and visual match is really impressive. Fast forwarding, a person going down, with such perfection is itself is very good editing skill and then adding the sound so accurately is really

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