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A television show based on campfire stories sounds like a wild idea. It would be even wilder if it were actually entertaining. Animal Planet’s series Finding Bigfoot is all of those things. The campfire stories of a giant ape roaming about in the wilderness scaring innocent campers audiences remember from their childhoods is indeed the subject of its own reality show. Surprisingly, the show is enjoyable when given a chance. Finding Bigfoot is quality reality TV. The show includes roots in American culture, entertaining characters, real human reactions, and an element of mystery. Finding Bigfoot tells the story of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Matt Moneymaker is the founder and leader of the group. Joining him are research biologist Ranae Holland,…show more content…
The crew also makes screeching Sasquatch calls to try to lure the creatures out of hiding. Often, they split up into two different groups to cover more ground. They call these investigations “squatching.” If they are sent video evidence, they analyze it by recreating the situation within the original setting to determine whether it is a hoax or not. Austin Wright: show “Yeti.” “Sasquatch.” “Bigfoot.” “Boogie Man.” “Abominable Snowman.” “Yowie.” These are just a few of the names popular culture has for the giant ape-like creature said to roam various regions of the country and the world. Americans have a fond pastime of sitting around the campfire telling tales of this giant ape monster. It is a classic myth passed down through generations, and it is prevalent in our culture. The episode “Return to Boggy Creek” focuses on a popular Bigfoot movie and the region where it was filmed. All of the team members had watched the movie growing up, and many of the townspeople were familiar with it. The story of Sasquatch is imbedded in American culture and cultures around the world. Many people grew up hearing Bigfoot stories, which helps make this show a hit. Most Americans have heard of

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