Hero Patterns In Oedipus The King

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Oedipus the King Analysis A myth about a king who is destined to kill to his father and marry his mother, Oedipus the King tells a story of Oedipus who tries to save his great city of Thebes from a curse while trying to find out the truth of a prophesy he once heard in the past. It can be seen that Oedipus the King is a very similar story to other works of myths such as Hercules and Perseus. However, these similarities can all be connected to one central pattern idea, Lord Raglan Hero Pattern. These patterns can be widely applied to stories throughout time as well as those written in the modern world. Raglan’s Hero Pattern is characterized by 22 steps but is more generally associated with 3: the hero’s birth, the initiation, and death.…show more content…
Raglan’s first category is entitled “Birth.” This set deals with the birth of the hero. This category is meant to introduce who the hero is and to establish his character in the story. Lord’s second category is entitled “Initiation.” According to Lord, this set deals with the hero’s struggle, and service, a look at the conflicts a hero must face in the coming time. The third category Raglan presents is “Death.” Raglan believes that a character should come back to his home, take a stand in front of the conflict, and experiences a significant…show more content…
Oedipus was warned of his future through a fortune teller. When Oedipus went to Tiresias for advice, he was constantly told of his fate that he will indeed kill his father and marry his mother. Also, Oedipus was brought up by a shepherd. Oedipus was abandoned by his parents to a shepherd man for him to be killed, but, the shepherd man could not do it and instead raised him. Another significant point is that Oedipus resided in another country serving as the prince of Corinth. Before he came to Thebes and became king, he spent nearly half his life in Corinth thinking that was his homeland (Sophocles,

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