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Cyrano de Bergerac Literary Analysis What if you thought you couldn’t get a girl to love you, but she ends up falling in love with you? Well, the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand is about that. There are many major characters involved. The love interest is Roxanne. The protagonists in the play are Cyrano and Christian. The antagonist is De Guiche. A minor character who was important to the plot was Ragueneau. A static character is Le Bret. This play is about Cyrano, who thinks he is too ugly, helps Christian, the “handsome” one get Roxane by using Cyrano’s words and Christian’s good looks. Eventually Roxane overlooks Christian’s good looks and falls for “his” words. This eventually leads to Roxane indirectly loving Cyrano not Christian. The play takes place in Paris and Arras, France from 1640-1655 during the historical reign of King Louis XIII. It is told from the third person…show more content…
Cyrano, representing inner beauty, battles Christian, who represents outer beauty, for Roxane’s love. Roxane becomes the love interest and target for these two characters. Even though Roxane initially falls for Christian’s good looks, Cyrano overpowers him with his well constructed words. What ends up winning Roxane’s heart is Cyrano’s ability to craft words so intelligently, to fight off unbelievable numbers of men, and to engage in brilliant gestures: throwing a bag of gold in the theater to pay for the night’s receipts and to stop the play; and composing a poem to accompany his sword fighting. All of these actions are impressive to everyone including Roxane. Cyrano’s and Christian’s inner and outer beauties differ, of course: Christian is blessed with good looks, while Cyrano is a product of a clever mind. Nonetheless, when Roxane claims to be choosing between the outer beauty of Christian or the way he uses his words, she is really choosing between Christian’s outer beauty or Cyrano’s inner

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