The Negative Effects Of Stress On Everyday Life

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Most people experience a degree of stress everyday life. Explain how stress can affect our health. Are there any positive effects of stress? It is fact that most people are suffered from any stress such as family stress, job stress or money stress. Nordqvist (2017) states that Stress is the body's natural protection against predators and risk. “Stress is a connection between the individual and the environment that is evaluated by the individual as taxing or exceeding his or her resources and endangering his or her well-being” (Lazarus and folk-man 1984). The main cause of pressure is employment and money and it increased from 4.9 to 5.1 in united states(annual stress survey, 2015). There is various type of stress and the causes for this stress…show more content…
it effects on body weight, heart, memory, blood pressure, immune system. Philip Hagen (2012) states that stress and gaining of weight are corelated. Stress is responsible to boost cortisol levels, which directly effects on appetite and craving (Sudeepta, 2018). The immune system which can help you to avoid infection and heal wounds becomes weak when a person is in stressful events (Kate, 2012). It will result in reduce body’s response and take more time to recover from an illness like the flu and the common cold, as well as other infections(ibid). Stress is also dangerous for creating problem related to heart such as heartburn, rapid breathing, a risk of heart attack and pounding hearts. The increase in production of stomach acid also depends upon stress which could lead to heartburn. For instance, A recent study in Europe on 20,000 employees found that employees who were doing jobs which are stressful are 23% more likely to have a first heart attack than people with less stress of job (Kate, 2012). After a long time, arteries are also damaged due to raising high heart rate and high blood pressure. Some stressed people are also experiencing the problem of pain in neck and shoulders and it is probably caused by tension of muscles in these areas of the body (Avogel,…show more content…
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