Youth And Migration In India

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The word youth refers the young people who are vibrant, energetic, risky, dynamic etc. The U.N.O. stated that youth as those people who are belong to the age group of 15 to 24 years. The National Youth Policy, 2003 mentioned youth are in the age group of 15 to 35 years & the current National Youth Policy 2012 (Draft) suggests youth are in the age group of 15 to 24 years. It is estimated that with 2050 India become enrich with youth population in comparison with other countries. At present, 40% population is youth which is more than again in comparison with other country. Pranab Mukarjee, President of India (13th President) pointed out, “we are a nation that in becoming younger both in age and spirit this is an opportunity as well as challenge”.…show more content…
One of the major causes is lack of employment opportunities in home town/village. Not only male are migrate for employment even femalearemigrate after marriage. Thecause of migration in town cities and districts is push and pull within them (S. Saraswathi, 2008). Unemployment: The principle characteristics of unemployed person are that they are availableforworkor areseeking work. Oneof causeofunemployedyouthisemployability skills. The National Council for Skill Development (NCSD) in 2005 constitute for skill development of youth people. Govt. of India identifies Special Economic Zone for industrial development. But, now the industries have surplus employees. Either youth are lacking skills or if they have but they are not aware about how to use and where to use. Substanceabuse: Substanceabuseaffects our physical and mental health including family life. A study of alcoholic habit of school kids find that 60% of school kids have had their first drink before they reach their 17th birthday and that become part of their life style by the age of 18 years (Pati, 2004: XX). The initial stages of addiction are parental addiction, failure of school performance, poor social coping skills and closeness to deviant…show more content…
Self-awareness aware one’s strength & weakness. In the case of migration & unemployment the surrounding are change frequently. So, in this changing surroundingsthestrength & weaknessanalysis help youth to belief in their strength and change weakness in to strength. Empathy is highly required to deal with the substance abuse problem. There is need to empathize to those youth who are disrupt from main stream. In migration, interpersonal relations help to develop newrelationin newplace. Migrated youtharecome in newplace& workwithnewpeople. If a youth develops good communication skill then it is not problem for him/her to adjust in new place. Life Skills show the way how to make communication effective. In the case of substance abuse problem solving skills help to identify the root cause of why a youth engage in substance abuse by weigh pros & cons of the problem and give the proper solution of the problem. Unemployed youth are lacking where to use & how to use. Decision making helps them to choice a right opportunity appropriate with situation. When youth face a problem there is need to find out the actual problem and critical thinking help to think critically to find out the actual problem. Creative thinking can

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