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Before It Hits Home performed at California State University Dominquez Hills, Edison Theatre. This play it was written by Cheryl West; directed by Donis Leonard; the cast includes Wendal play by Tevin Jackson, Reba play by Tiffany Cousin, Bailey play by Gregory Thompson, Maybelle play by Karla Pittman, Simone/Angel play by Jessica Simington, Douglass play by Devonta Price, Junior play by Morgan Chancelien, Dwayne play by Glenndale Taylor III, Doctor play by Rebecca Cherkoss, Nurse play by Rebecca Reyes, and Medical attendant play by Noaman Poingsett, Adetayo Adetola, and Gabrielle Bustamante; Scenic and lighting designed by Fred Depontee; costume and makeup designed by Carin Jacobs. In this play, it talks about a young African-American bisexual male Wendal who is a…show more content…
He has a relationship with Douglass and Simone. Unfortunately, he diagnosed with AIDS and told his partners. Later on, he has decided to want to go home to see his family. Two weeks after he went home, he indicated his mother that he was diagnosed with AIDS; thereafter, he indicated his father, brother and son the truth of him diagnosed with AIDS. At the end of the play, he died in a hospital bed with his father next to him. In this play, it has many different themes that complete the play well such family, embarrassment of homosexuality, sexual orientation, and AIDS. These themes it stood out to me the most because I can visualize myself if I were Wendal. The playwright chose this theme into this play because during 1980-1990’s a tremendous number of people who were diagnosed with HIV or AIDS across America. If you were diagnosed with AIDS nor HIV, people would look at you differently because they thought they would get infected. This theme is also related to the theme of the embarrassment of homosexuality. During the 1980’s-1990’s, people do not accept homosexuality. Yet Wendal feels like if he told his family about his relationship with

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