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DIY Cuticle Oil for Nourished Nails Generally, there are two kinds of ladies. While one kind believes in makeup as their personality enhancer, the other group will be minimalistic when it comes to makeup. But, there is one thing common between both the groups. That is, their love for well cared nails. A nicely done manicure or pedicure is just not for the purpose of looking good; it is more of a ‘presentability-increasing’ gesture in the workplace or the social circle. When we are talking about nails, manicures and pedicures; we are drooling over and over to the art of keeping our nails healthy. We all know nails are dead stuff. What is living is their surrounding skin, which we have named as cuticles. If we take care of these cuticles, the…show more content…
Add 1 tablespoon Oil in it and frisk with a spoon until both the ingredients form a translucent mixture. 3. Store in an air-tight container for future use. How to Use: Take some cuticle oil in your thumb and index finger. Rub the fingers together to warm up the oil a bit. Apply generously in the cuticles and nail beds and keep for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the excess oil with a cotton round or soft wash cloth. Follow this routine once a day. The results will be visible within 3-4 weeks. You can also use this oil at the time of manicure or pedicure. Precautions: 1. Since the ingredients used are completely preservative-free the oil must be used within 1 week of preparation or the oil may go contaminated. 2. The oil contains honey which attracts water from the air. To prevent disintegration of the ingredients, an air-tight container is a must for storing. Bonus Tips: 1. If you have very dry hands you may use it as a hand nourishing pack as well 2. It is best to use raw honey because raw honey is much more nutritional than processed honey. Since I do not have access to it I have to rely on store-bought honey. 3. Those of you who have thinner eyebrow and lashes can use this oil overnight to induce growth in your brows and lashes. In this case use castor oil with

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