Negative Effects Of Narcissism In Society

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According to Ishikawa, “ narcissism is a personality trait that involves regarding yourself as a superior being. It brings, with it a sense of entitlement……” (as cited in Campbell, W, Keith & Baumeister, R, F 2008, July 5) As stated by Mark Young and Drew Pinsky in their research, “ they did not find that narcissism was related to how long someone had been a celebrity, which might suggest that narcissistic individuals are drawn to the celebrity lifestyle (rather than the celebrity lifestyle gradually turning celebrities into narcissists).” (as cited in Campbell, W, Keith & Baumeister, R, F 2008, July 5) Teenagers often turn to their favorite celebrities for guiding them in their everyday lives. Celebrities have become more mainstream role models for teens, as their images and lifestyles are normally splashed across magazines, television movies, and all throughout pop culture. The other day, as I turned on my TV, I saw a hit story where a celebrity was going to jail for drinking and…show more content…
Too much media attention to celebrities could give bad examples for audiences. Not all famous people act and behave appropriately *despite being observed by the media; therefore, it is then possible that celebrity fans, especially kids who do not have much life experiences would absorb and follow these inappropriate actions and behaviors. For instance, partying is one of the very well-known lifestyle that celebrities have. Paris Hilton is a very ~popular celebrity that almost everyone would notice, not only because of her works, but also because of her personality and social behavior. Apart from the partying lifestyle, celebrities are also easily exposed to drugs. Some use drugs to help them maintain their work efficiency, to gain ~fame, or even to stay in shape. Thus, celebrity influence may be negative on teenagers and

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