Argumentative Essay On Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing is the process in which crystals are placed on or near the body in order to achieve physical and mental benefits. Each crystal is said to have its own personality, making the effects on the body different. This healing process has been around since the beginning of civilization, both in written religion and application. Crystals have been found on ancient Chinese rulers, in Egyptian tombs, as well as, in the ruins of Babylon. Some people might say that it can't be determined if they were solely used for healing, or, were a factor of showing wealth. Early civilizations around the world, such as the Mayans, Aztecs, and Celtics, used crystals in rituals and ceremonies. Was there any beneficial effect from these procedure? Let's…show more content…
From the sources talking about crystal healing, all agree that a benefit of this healing process is relaxation and reduction of stress. Palermo brings up an interesting point about how non-believers view the benefits of crystal healing. She comments on how some doctors are more accepting of the process because they are aware of its ability to help stress management and can induce relaxation. In the same way, the authors of "Other Energy-Based Therapies," agree that the process is completely a placebo reaction, but understand and state, "the main value of crystals is the ability for those who believe in their healing powers to let go of negative emotions, reduce stress, and calm anxieties." While not talking directly about crystals, Daniel Goleman, a writer for the New York Times and author of "Relaxation: Surprising Benefits Detected," goes into depth about how good relaxation is for the mind. He talks not only about the psychological effects, but the effects on the immune system and other sub-categories of the body. Goleman states that relaxation can "produce a host of other medically valuable physiological changes." On the other hand, Amy Arnsten, Carolyn M. Mazure, and Rajita Sinha, professors in neurobiology and psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and authors of "This is Your Brain in Meltdown," talk about what happens to your brain when stressed. They confirm that when the body is under stress if freezes and we loose control over our executive functions. In other words, our body looses control over emotions. Arnsten, Mazure, and Sinha continue stating, "Under even everyday stresses, the prefrontal cortex can shut down, allowing the amygdala, a locus for regulating emotional activity, to take over, inducing mental paralysis and panic." This shows why relaxation is important in our everyday lives.

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