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EVERYDAY STRESS MANAGEMENT1 EVERYDAY STRESS MANAGEMENT STUDENT’S NAME UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE EVERYDAY STRESS MANAGEMENT2 ABSTRACT One health behavior that is common amongst so many people is how to manage levels of stress. Stress is a factor that affects everyone at one point in their lives. Some people, no matter what the age, gender, job affiliation, etc., are affected and oftentimes allow themselves, to be affected more strongly than others. It is because of stress that many people often suffer mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. without ever finding a way to cope. Stress management is a health behavior that can be the key to allowing us to realize that stress is a real part of…show more content…
When we have a health behavior of learning how to manage stress in a positive manner, then we increase our chances of avoiding some life threatening illnesses that can result from overlooked stress in our lives. There are multitudes of advantages of stress management and finding the one or ones that work are sometimes the hardest. Of course physical fitness and exercise are two of the most common ones (Ways to Deal with Stress, n.d.). They not only help us to exert energy, take our minds off the current stressful situation, but also to guide us into a routine of a healthier lifestyle. I have found that just focusing on something else for a period of time can take off some of the pressure of the situation. These healthy behaviors can become regular routines in our lives while we manage the stress of everyday life. My daughter needs to manage stress in ways to help with time management. She finds that writing down her ‘to do’ list helps her to see what she has to do, no matter how much its, and put it into a workable timeframe. By seeing it on paper, it takes it from her mind and she doesn’t have to think about it. She finds that taking short breaks more often helps as opposed to trying to find time to go somewhere for a longer period of time. For her, this can be internet shopping when going to the mall isn’t possible or even a quick drive. These are just a few ways that she has managed stress in nursing school and so far, it is working. Feeling as if there is not

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