The Most Beautiful Sacrifice Short Story

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The Most Beautiful Sacrifice By: Yewon The forest over the river was one isolated place where everything looked new to him. When Ellidyr crossed the river, there was a strange yet mystique aura coming from the forest. It was more like mist than fog. Ellidyr had never felt this kind of feeling before. The mist guided him into the forest by force that he couldn’t resist. The forest over the river was one isolated place where everything looked new to him. Something unusual started to happen. Everything looked very unfamiliar. Ellidyr was surrounded by exotic animals and plants which seemed to be a hybrid, mythical and bizarre. There was a bunch of flowers along the side way. Before, Ellidyr knew that it was a wrong choice to walk out. He should’ve noticed that the flowers have strong magical power which makes people fall in love with somebody. The smell was creamy and gorgeous which he had never smelled before. The smell of the flowers was pulling him inside and Ellidyr couldn’t resist himself trying to get out.…show more content…
At first he tried to seize all of them but he decided not to because he still love Eilonwy so much. Ellidyr went near them and ruined all of the supplies that they have. Ellidyr tried to kill Taran but Doli almost stamp his feet so he ran back. Ellidyr’s revenge wasn’t end. This revenge was just a start. One day Ellidyr was looking for the time to take revenge on them again, and his anger exploded. He saw his love Eilonwy and Taran talking happily next to each other. They were laughing and smiling. When Ellidyr tried to kill Taran, Eilonwy cried and say “Please don’t do this Ellidyr we all know that you were a kind person, aren’t you?” Eilonwy’s soft, warm hand touched Ellidyr’s cheek and all of a sudden the anger of Ellidyr that can’t never resist to be calm down. Ellidyr ran as far as he can, until he arrived the place where no one was

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