Friedrich Nietzsche: Wom God's Second Mistake?

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Woman: God’s second mistake? Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, who regarded ‘thirst for power’ as the sole driving force of all human actions, has many a one-liners to his credit. ‘Woman was God’s second mistake’, he declared. Unmindful of the reactionary scathing criticism and shrill abuses he invited for himself, especially from the ever-irritable feminist brigade. The fact and belief that God never ever commits a mistake, brings Nietzsche’s proclamation dashingly down into the dust bin of nonsense. Whatever Almighty God has created is beautiful and useful. His creative powers are fabulous, beyond the purlieus of any kind of fallacy. God created Adam and Eve – both the remarkable assets for humanity. The fault never lies with the…show more content…
For instance, one probably wouldn’t classify a Mexican woman with a French woman, though both may be Roman Catholics and share the same beliefs. In the same way, American Muslim women are different from their Pakistani counterparts, who are different from those in Saudi Arabia. In these countries, women are accorded different rights and privileges because of the social, economic, cultural and governmental set-ups of the area. Many American Muslim women are discriminated against because they cover their heads; Pakistani women have political rights but are often exploited; Saudi Women have no public role, yet they are the most secure and protected. The negative stereotypes of Muslim women probably arise from this varying treatment of women. This comes handy for the Western media, whose favorite pastime is to latch on to a few examples of illogical and aberrant behaviour and brand Islam as an “orthodox” religion, especially in its treatment of

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