Conan's Man-Eaters Of Zamboula

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Man-Eaters of Zamboula Character Analysis: Conan (Barbaric Cimmerian)- Conan has is a large tan man with long black hair and scars on his face form past battles, he is the protagonist in this short story. Conan is shown to have more physical strength then intelligence. Conan is a talented fighter that overpowers most of he’s opponents with his strength and skill. Like when Conan killed the three Blacks (man-eaters) that were carrying Zabibi. We also see that in this story Conan is caring for others and ends up doing the right thing despite when someone crosses him. Like when he saved Zabibi’s life, helped her get her lover Alafdahl back and helped get revenge on Totrasmek. Conan is also a great thief, strategist, leader and commander.…show more content…
At night they would hunt the people of Zamboula down to feast on. Aram Baksh (inn-keeper)- Aram Baksh was first introduced as being a demon to watch out for when Conan was warned in the beginning of the story. Aram Baksh has been selling warm bodies to cannibalistic slaves and selling the possessions of those dead people. He was luring people into the inn to give them to the Blacks (man-eaters) as a sacrifice. After Conan found out, he was set on coming back and getting his revenge on Aram. Zabibi (Nafertari)- Zabibi is a beautiful young dancing girl that’s married to her lover Alafdahl. We first saw her as being a little helpless, when she was running from the Blacks and looking for her lover. She found Conan and bagged him to help her by using her feminine charm. But at the end of the story she revels her true identity. We find out that her name is Nafertari and she is a mistress that is married to Jungir the ruler of Zamboula. Alafdahl (Jungir Khan)- Alafdahl was insane throughout the whole story until Zabibi got the antidote for him and he reveled his true identity as the ruler of

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