The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi's Speech

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February 1930, I come home from work at 6 p.m. and I am going to eat dinner which is curry. While I am eating it I want to put salt on my curry, because it is bland and tasteless without it. Then I realize that I can’t because of the salt tax the British put on the salt so that virtually nobody can buy it. This makes me get mad at the British government and I want to do something about it. I shout aloud, “ The British government doesn’t know what the consequence of this salt tax and other taxes are for normal people.” Two weeks later on February 22, on a cold and brisk morning I go down to the bustling marketplace. While I am there I get what I need and I get a newspaper. When, I get home I seen an intriguing headline in the newspaper. It reads, “Mahatma Gandhi writes a daring letter to Lord Irwin about British taxes.” I was so…show more content…
When we set out I ask the person who seemed to be leading “ Who are you?” He responded, “ I am Mahatma Gandhi, thank you for coming on this salt march.” We marched on until night where we stopped in a town to rest and stay the night. While we were there Mahatma Gandhi made a compelling speech to the people there about the salt march and the unfair taxes the British government had made. It was a well thought out speech that if I hadn’t joined in at first would have made me join in. I did inspire other people and in the morning when we set out was much larger. Later, after we had been marching for a very long and tiring week the small group that had started the march, was a huge group now. Gandhi’s speech must have sounded very good that encouraged and inspired people to join in on the march. By the second week the group of marchers was five times the size it was when we set off. Gandhi was doing an amazing job with the speeches. Also by the second week the people who didn’t join in the march either sang or put flowers on the path as we marched down toward the
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