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Opening up a brand new hardcover book is a goal of so many bookworms out there, but what if you weren’t allowed to read the book? Book banning has been around for a while, banning is where a book is not permitted to be read in schools, libraries, colleges, etc. There are bountiful books that are banned based on violence, racial issues, sexuality, religion, witchcraft, and so much more. Tiger Eyes, by Judy Blume, is just one of the plentiful banned books out there. Complaints about Tiger Eyes are sexual situations, underage drinking, and profanities. (Favorite) Tiger Eyes should not be banned for grades sixth grade and up, but it would not be suitable for grades lower than sixth grade, because some of the book’s context like; cursing, underage…show more content…
Grades sixth grade and up have witnessed profanity already, so a couple words here and there in the book would not hurt them. The book should not be banned because of this, here is an example of a piece of the book that shows some profanity, “Like Hell!” (Blume 185) The word hell isn’t even a terrible curse word, it’s not an issue. This book did come out in 1981 and the world has changed. (banned) In old times, yes cursing was bad, but it’s 2015 now, and it’s not uncommon, especially for teenagers. Hence the book’s main characters are teenagers or adults, so the book isn’t promoting cursing it’s just the writer’s preference. Even if someone did not allow or like cursing, they can just skip over the curse words and move on. On the other hand, some may argue and say that they don’t want negative words going into their brain or teaching them that it is okay to curse; furthermore, this is their opinion. The younger audience may not even be interested in it if they know it has the word “dumb” in it, one way or the other, Tiger Eyes is not considered an appalling book to read, but a book with a couple common

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