Maze Runner Theme Essay

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One of the major themes from The Maze Runner is teamwork. Throughout the whole book we see good teamwork. One example is when Thomas has just arrived at the Maze, he sees that everyone is working together to survive. They all have their own specific jobs. Some garden, some are butchers, and some just do odd jobs. All are working together to ensure life in the Maze. Another example is the Runners. All of them go out every day to try to figure out the Maze. When they come back, they work together to make maps of what they saw .Lastly, at the point of the climax, Thomas and everyone work together to finally get out of the Maze. My favorite character was Newt. I appreciated that he was a good leader and that he would listen to the Gladers.…show more content…
It was when they were entering the code words into the computer, but it wouldn't let them enter the last one: PUSH. It took them awhile before they understood. They found a small button on the bottom of the door that said 'PUSH'. Afterward they pushed the button and they were free ( or they thought so anyway. But you have to read the next book for that ) There is one event in the book that I think is relevant to my life. When Theresa arrives in the Box, she is the only girl out of a group of boys. Before my twin sisters were born, I was the only girl besides my mom in my family. So I sort of know how Theresa felt when she was the only one of her gender among them. There are two answers to each question inside this first question. They are both 'No' or 'Maybe someday'. You see, this genre is science-fiction. As for right now, the answer is no. But in the future, with more technology, there is a possible "maybe" to these questions. Scientists may be able to make something like the Maze, therefore, the story is not believable, for now anyway. The characters were believable. Their characteristics as humans were believable. Their emotions, reactions, and interactions with each other were all normal. The only thing that was not believable was only with Thomas and Theresa and how they were telepathic. But overall, the characters were

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