Maze Runner Vs Anthem Essay

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Anthem vs. The Maze Runner I am writing about, The Maze Runner by Wes Ball, and I am also writing about Anthem by Ayn Rand. These two stories are both dystopian novels and are popular amongst teens. Both these stories were very popular when they first came out and they are both still pretty popular. In the next few paragraphs I will be talking about how both these stories are dystopian novels. As well as how they are popular amongst teens. The novel Anthem and The Maze Runner, are both popular amongst teens for many reasons. One reason is because people like the thought that there is another world they they have not heard of yet. Another reason is because people haven’t seen much of these kind of films until a couple of years ago when they…show more content…
First off, it was published in 1938 in England. The book Anthem is about a man named Equality, he is smarter than his brothers and stronger and taller than them as well. In the story the way they say me, is we and they do not know the word eye. This story shows that it is a dystopian film in many ways. One way is that the boys and girls are separated at birth. The Council of Vocations chooses their jobs when they turn fifteen. They are not given certain, distinct names but they are given odd “names.” Also they are not allowed to choose or think by themselves they are supposed to think of everybody as their brothers.These show that this is a dystopian film because throughout their whole lives they do not know that they should be able to do things on their own. Also that they should be themselves and try to be different not the same. This is what Equality found out over the time of the story. In the story it says, “And when I understood this word, the book fell from my hands, and I wept”. (Rand 99) He found out what the word “I” means, he found out how people should live their lives and not how you should let people live it for you. That is how the book Anthem is a dystopian

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