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The Maze Runner, written by James Dashner and published in 2009, is the first dystopian young adult novel of its five book series. Described as "Lord of the Flies meets Ender's Game meets Holes" by Dashner himself, it received overwhelming positive reception. A mix of everything: from action to adventure to budding romance, The Maze Runner will surely keep you captivated until the final page turn. It starts when Thomas awakes to metal ground against metal, the harsh sound of chains and pulleys and the only remnant of his life he can recall: his name. Doors soon open overhead, revealing a community of teenage boys living in a field, surrounded by high, enclosing walls. This place is called the Glade, and every month a new boy is sent up, to which the Gladers refer to as “greenies”, and each week supplies are provided by the ‘Creators’ through the elevator they ride. Outside it is the Maze, to which Thomas soon learns is inhabited by hybrid creatures known as Grievers. Their sting is fatal, and can only be prevented by the Grief serum, which takes one through a process called the Changing, where Gladers regain…show more content…
So while the Glade is trying to stay alive, a group of Gladers called Runners are searching the Maze for a way out. He also befriends Chuck, a thirteen year old boy who was the previous ‘newbie’, while Gally emerges as a controlling and arrogant rival who is immediately suspicious of Thomas. Only a day after Thomas arrives, the elevator is sent up again, and this time it holds a girl, the first ever. Her name is Teresa, and she is believed to be dead until she sits up and declares, “Everything is going to change,” before falling into a state of unconsciousness. The note enclosed in her hand informs them that she will be the last one. Her arrival triggers a series of events: the sunlight disappears, the supplies stop coming, and the Maze doors stay open at

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