The Influence Of Technology On Child Development

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Everyday after school what do children do? Surely, most of them will run to their computers or iPad to play video games and watch TV. But, even if you went back 15 years ago, the answer to your question would be completely different; kids would be running around outside and climbing trees, using their imagination. Children are now relying on technology and the internet for everything. They are limiting their imagination and creativity. They don’t need to go outside because they have virtual reality at their fingertips. However, the critical factors necessary to achieve a healthy and happy child development require children to go outside, be creative, and use their imagination. Children are being pulled them from nature and their friends/family, and…show more content…
Children’s brain development is negatively affected by the internet. The critical factors required to achieve healthy child development are movement, touch, human connection, and exposure to nature. With technology now instated, children aren’t experiencing these factors. Kids aren’t being active because kids are sitting on the couch all day playing games on their computer; this can also lead to obesity and eating disorders. Imagine a child, age six, eating the melted, buttery popcorn while sitting on the couch for four hours just playing a video game. They also aren’t feeling emotion or touching anything outside with nature. They would never know or experience many things in life if they are secluding themselves to a device screen. Children are blocking themselves away from the world-- friends, family, and strangers. They can’t learn sympathy or communication skills. If children aren’t learning to collaborate with others, they are precluding themselves from each other and the world. Finally, exposure to nature is lacking because

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