Essay On Virtual Reality

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Many of us remember our childhood with nostalgia; all those games in the open, skinned knees, muddy shoes and disapproving mom's objections. Then Internet came and all these interesting games and applications that isolated children. Engrossed in the screen where it takes a colorful virtual world, the real beauty of a sunny day does not mean much to them. Often parents, entertained by their Facebook profile, do not notice the time passing. Generation of our grandparents lived without computers and all sorts of devices. In particular, all the toys that they had - they had to make it themselves. Riding a bicycle without a helmet on their heads today sounds like an extreme sport, but in the past it was quite normal. Generally, the play this golden…show more content…
Today's virtual reality is pushed beyond real and negative impact on the psyche and development of every child. Each of us remembers those games that marked our childhood; even those types of camp and making the cake of the country, and the first mobile computer are not received as early as they are today. Children then simply had no need for it. Now children receive early contact with the virtual world and their main occupation is the publication of pictures and search for as many Facebook friends. Communication is reduced to calls and correspondence, and group sessions and games are becoming less common. Sometimes the children and their shouting anything in the yard was heard, and now the brothers and sisters often know who is going to argue for your computer and how one of them remain. If the evening, everyone gathered in the neighborhood, the whole street would echo children's laughter and shouts of, and when our parents called us to walk home, then followed coaxing us at least a bit loose. Now, when all that is gone, it seemed to be living a new childhood. Today's realities are online games and children know each other only by his nickname, and the only thing you can hear shooting and banging on keyboards. Here we cannot ignore the kinds of dangers that children lurk at every turn. When they are at work parents cannot supervise what children are doing on the computer and that leads to
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