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Over time, knowledge has become more accurate Introduction Accuracy is the extent to which a measurement or calculation conforms to the agreed or correct standard of value. It can also be referred to as the procedure by which an individual becomes increasingly more aware of the process in the progression of knowledge. This is further characterized by the movement from the state of ignorance to a more advanced state of intellect as human beings. Accuracy indicates the degree to which shared knowledge is considered close to the ultimate truth. For there to be accuracy, knowledge must be perceived past the realm of simplicity. Over time, it has generally been agreed that false knowledge is in fact undesirable in different areas of knowledge (Sutcliffe and Weber 4). The need to replace this knowledge with more factual information has been one of the callings of human kind in…show more content…
Throughout history, the possession of unlimited information and data in this field has resulted in the production of knowledge that is objective and in a sense more accurate (Cacciatore and Luchinat 1). The invention of technology that can do a lot of research and computing has provided the opportunity for the scientist to go beyond the boundaries and test the limits of most of the theories they come up with. The knowledge question in this study suggests that each generation understood knowledge better than the one preceding it. In a sense, this is true as in sciences any knowledge produced with the scientific method has to be more accurate as any resulting hypothesis or theories have to agree with the existing findings and observations. The knowledge produced in this case is referred to as a true justified belief in that it in sciences no matter how sophisticated the process is it impossible to result in completely accurate

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