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(1.1)THE HAITIAN REVOLUTION OF 1791 In the year of 1789, at the demise of the French Revolution, the colony of St. Domingue, currently known as Haiti, employed one thousand ships, fifteen thousand French sailors and two thirds of France’s overseas trade. This colony became France’s richest largely because of its production of sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton generated by an enslaved labour force. This played an essential role in the French economy as it was the greatest colonial market in the World. The French Revolution did inspire many in 1789, but black resistance had existed for years. Resentment and conflict pervaded the society of San Domingue and slave resistance began to take a more organized form at the end of the 18th century. The Haitian Revolution is the only successful slave revolt in history which resulted in the establishment of the first independent black state in the Modern World. This text will discuss a brief description of the Haitian Revolution and its significance to International Law. In August 1971, an organized slave upheaval broke out, marking the start of a twelve year resistance to obtain human rights. A historical stride was the issuance of the…show more content…
It was the most successful rebellion waged by slaves against a colonial power. The country also became the first black republic in the world. Looking beyond those directly affected, it increased the fear of slave rebellions in the United States. It can be said to have helped cause slave owners in the South to treat their slaves more harshly and to react with more anger towards abolitionists from the North. This helped push the North and South farther apart, eventually leading to the Civil War. Second, the revolution helped to cause Napoleon to want to get out of the Americas. This helped lead to his decision to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States. In this way, the Haitian Revolution helped to enlarge the

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