How Did German Immigrants Influence American Culture

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How German Immigrants Influenced American Culture German immigration to the United States has experienced peaks during times of political instability and war. The first instance of German immigration can be traced back to the settlement of Jamestown in 1608. However, the United States didn’t experience a heavy influx of German immigrants until 17th-18th century in which many Germans were experiencing heavy taxation and experiencing primogeniture, which only allows the eldest son to inherit the family fortune. This prompted Germans to find a new life in the new world. German immigrants lead to the development of German colonies. Two examples are Germantown in Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In post World War II, Germany was split East and West and many Germans who lost their sense of true identity and were being vandalized and beaten due to their German identity. This lead to a heavy migration to the United States, in which, many Germans changed their names to…show more content…
Although Americans have already had a history of producing their own beer, German immigrants help propelled the beer identity. Milwaukee became the home of the first German brewing company. It wasn’t until the mid 19th century with the technology of manufacturing, did these small brewing operations were able to grow into empires. The most famous beer empires that are still around today are Anheuser-Bush. This empire was failing in the hands of the founder Eberhard Anheusers. Once Adolphus Bush, his son-in law, gained control of the company he was able to transform the company into what it is today. His most famous product would be called “Budweiser.” Another beer founder of German heritage is Fredrick Miller, who started the Miller Brewing Company. Today Anheuser-Bush and Miller Brewing Company have a huge influence on American culture. Sponsoring stadiums, sporting events, advertising, lifestyles, in someway they define American

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