How Does Technology Affect Children

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Technology serves a vital purpose in today’s society. It is used everywhere, from households to hospitals, and even in classrooms. Because of technology’s prevalent influence, it was inevitable for children to also be exposed to it. Kids are using technology to complete homework assignments, to play games, and to interact with friends or family. It is easy to sit back and not give technology a second thought because nowadays the world cannot be pictured without it. But just because something holds value to a majority does not mean it should be permissible. Technology deprives the advancement of a child’s development. Technology holds children back from developing learning skills and learning how to create their own stimulating environment.…show more content…
This would allow the child to ask questions on a subject they may not understand, and for a parent to double check their child’s comprehension of a subject. Shelley Pasnik claims that “Parents talking [to their child] about what they’re seeing either during the experience or afterwards can be important. [People are] constantly translating and interpreting what [they] see on a screen or a particular device so the more an adult can encourage conversation around that experience the deeper the experience becomes” (Garey 1). The parent-child interaction allows the child to remain engaged, rather than simply being on the device without really understanding what or why something is happening. While this is true, it does not combat the argument that technology affects a child’s physical and mental health. Yes, the child is benefiting more from the device because of the interaction, but they are still using technology. They are not exempt from the headaches and eye strains, or the lack of physical activity. Also, this could give off the wrong impression that technology has a role in every

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