Coping Mechanisms In School

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In this Chapter, researches will highlight the topics related to the study and expound the sources that are related for the development of this study. We as students, we encountered a lot of difficulties and confusion when it comes to our academics. Sometimes we tend to slack after classes and weekends rather than complying our requirements, projects, and home works which are not good for us. We neglect our duties and responsibilities just to do things that we love rather than doing our academic-related works. The proponents conducted a lot of research about the factors that may affect the students’ coping mechanisms in school tasks. This includes: Social Media: Humans are social animals. We prefer things that can be seen in social media…show more content…
At school, peer pressure can affect students’ output and even impact their general outlook on life. Friends are one of the people who motivate us; they’re also the one who comforts us in ups and downs in our life. Friends are the family we chose for ourselves. We’re enjoying our company with them, but not all the time peer pressure has positive outcomes on students. “A bad influence on your child may exert pressure to engage in drug use or drink alcohol. Frequent use of substances may result in your child neglecting school works., skipping school or not having the focusing abilities to complete assignments is adequate way. As your child moves into the later elementary, middle and high school years, peer pressure may begin to affect her decisions, beliefs and values. While your child may have her own ideas when it comes to schoolwork and getting good grades, her peers may influence her to think otherwise” as said by Loop E.…show more content…
By modeling these behaviors to their peers, students are viewing alcohol use as a positive and socially acceptable experience. However, what students fail to take into consideration are the negative consequences that are related to alcohol use” As said by Palmeri(N.D.) According to Feller (2001), everyone wants to be acknowledged by people they admire. Some teenagers will do anything to fit in the group, including drinking, doing drugs, lying to their parents, and having unprotected sex. “Peer pressure has an impact on children's achievement, few studies have been done to prove that belief. However, a recent Heritage Foundation study found that negative peer pressure is a factor in lower test scores about as much as being a Hispanic or black minority group member and more than living in a low income family. The effect of peer pressure was calculated independent from other factors which affect a child's academic achievement race income, gender and parents' education. In addition, studies suggest that peers influence each other more heavily in the early teen years. One way of looking at influence from a parental perspective is to consider that your child will most likely be friends with students who are interested in the same activities.” According to: Peer Pressure Affects

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