Rachel Dretzin's Growing Up Online

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Social development is something that is directly learned by observation in children. This is why it’s imperative as a parent to ensure strict supervision of our children’s environments and fill their lives with positive influence and encouragement. Technology of today has brought about a new perspective to the meaning of parenting for many adults. Technology can be both a positive and a negative experience for a child it all depends on how it is being used and monitored. As I watched the Frontline documentary, Growing up Online by, Rachel Dretzin one of the interviewees expressed how she was able to use the internet as a self-expression outlet. Being able to create a virtual, popular version of herself, one that was liked and supported. This…show more content…
There were many negative example in my research to include the classroom, which is opposite of what was written in the previous paragraph. In Growing up Online some of the teachers interviewed mentioned how the children in their class had exceeded their own knowledge when it came to technology. This becomes difficult for the teacher to teach if they have logistical problems that they are unable to fix. The teachers said that they have noticed when they teach without the use of technology that the children have difficulty focusing on the particular task. They are unable to look at the object at hand but their brains have adapted to looking at the bigger picture. Other examples that were noted from the documentary was the wording the teens used in their interviews. They kept repeating the phrase like “I need the internet”. Some teens admitting to having serious conditions or issues that their parent’s new nothing about. Parent’s also have many fears for their children when it come to the internet. Everyone has a problem of not thinking before they complete an action, but it may just be that a child or teen may have the most to regret. That fifteen second video has now prevented your child from getting into that Ivy League college that everyone has prepared the last seventeen years for. That impulse to record and download never warrant a pause to thank about the consciousness. Children who grew up online seem to have a sense of closing out their real family, but opening up with their virtual online

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