The Importance Of Urban Development

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1. Introduction Developing countries The speed ofhave a higher urbanization in level developing countries is more than developed countries. In these countries, the rapid Rapid pace of urbanization in developing countries and the growth of cities have followedcan create many problems. Planned Plans for expansion of cities are required to alleviate meet the residents' demands has always been one of the goals of urban planning. Hence, attention to physical development, as a necessity in urban development programs, model plays an important role in strengthening the cultural, social and physical aspects of urbanization. Land use and land cover changes can be considered as a result beginning dynamic humanof human exploitation of natural resources…show more content…
Cellular Automata (CA) based modelling techniques havehas become popular in the recent past years for simulating the urban growth. Results obtained through of urban growth predicted prediction of urban growth by using SLEUTH model have been compared with other methods of land use and land cover extractionchange detection. The study has been proved successful in giving significant insight into the issues contributing uncertainties in forecasting of urban growth of heterogeneous urban areas. (Kumar Jat, et al., 201712).12 Urban areas are comparatively more heterogeneous in developing countries and their assessment, monitoring and prediction are is difficult.13 (Sakieh et al., 201513). In the recent pastyears, improvements have been made in SLEUTH model for making it computationally efficient and for improving accuracy. (Chaudhuri and Clarke, 201314).14 Economic development and population growth have triggered rapid changes in earth land use and land cover as a result of urbanization and industrialization in last two centuries and there is every indication that thethis pace of these changes will accelerate in the future. Urban growth is the expansion of the city area with respect to the increase in the number and size…show more content…
Urban expansion chiefly depends upon the human desires for their betterment, need of a better livelihood, facilities, and employment. (Brueckner and Helsley, 201115).15 (Tayyebi et al.., (, (2010201116)16 summarize the use of UGBs in planning around the world and describe how this model can be used to assist planners in developing future urban growth boundaries given the need to understand those factors that contribute toward urban expansion. Urban growth boundaries, or UGBs, is are planning tools used by local governments to constrain urban development to a fixed area. UGBs are implemented using various approaches, but most involve the development of a boundary within which development over the next 10–25 years is allowed to occur. (Calthorpe and Fulton, 200117).17 (Singh et al.., (, (2010201718)18 used Multilayer Perceptron neural network modeling for predicting the spatial distribution of deforestation and indicated the reduction of core forests throughout the study period. The spatial database generated in the study is a useful input for understanding of the deforestation and fragmentation on biodiversity and land use change. Deforestation and fragmentation are among the main components of global change and has implications for ecosystem functioning and biodiversity

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