The Importance Of Urban Local Government

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In the era of rapid urbanization, a focus towards planned development of urban areas is of pivotal importance as large section of the population residing in metropolitan region of the country. In this context, urban local government institutions/municipalities are the key governing organizations constituted for the development of urban areas by ensuring basic infrastructure and services as per the norms to the citizens. One needs to acknowledge the words of the U.N Secretary General in this regard who believes that a sustainable future of cities–“will need open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government., engagement of all stakeholders - including the private sector and civil society, and especially the poor and…show more content…
Equi-City funded by the European Union in the city of Nagpur. This EU project helps promote inclusive and sustainable growth of in Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra, India through collaborative multi-stakeholder approach using participatory governance between local authorities and stakeholders to ensure equitable provision of municipal services and alongside promoting diversity within and capacity development of the local government organization.The project will be spread across four years to ensure effective implementation and will include the formulation of participatory forums, research and analysis , Set up of diversity committee, capacity building and research support to identify key indicators and problem areas to assess the NMC for improved service delivery via appropriate training and leadership workshops for the officials. Critical to the project are formation of processes of monitoring, implementation and information dissemination to ensure transparency and…show more content…
Ill equipped to deal with growing socio – economic problems and lack of diversity, the project aims to target around 300 local government officials to sensitize and capacitate them on particular areas of urban infrastructure and pro – poor engagement. Further, the state government officials working in Nagpur city will also be included as part of these workshops for capacity – building. Citizen groups will be approached in large numbers to ensure their active involvement. They will be sensitized and updated about the ongoing activities. This will give them the opportunity to interact with the institutional setup to voice their needs coherently. The urban poor dwellers will be given special focus based on their needs and priorities. Elected representativeswill be part of the city development forum and will belong to diverse fields and areas, becoming the voice of the voiceless and highlighting the key priority issues that need to be addressed. Civil society organizations will also be made part of the process to represent genuine concerns of the citizens. Both citizens and the local authority officials will greatly benefit from this project by ensuring no discrimination on the basis of caste, class, gender or creed in the access of services and building up of a diverse work

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