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Key words: Economic growth & development, Balance of development need of training, Buying behavior, rural entrepreneurship, Mentality of Rural mass. Introduction After Independence and Industrial development in India, still large portion of population considered as below poverty line. Agricultural growth continues to be the soul of rural civilization. Study suggests 70 per cent of capitals are held by small and borderline farmers resulting in overcapacity on the agricultural land and decreasing farm production. This also results in relocation of farm worker in large numbers to the urban areas. In both the cases the people remains below poverty line. Entrepreneurship can perform a vital role in rural development. “Entrepreneur means one who…show more content…
Development of rural entrepreneurship may lead to decrease in poverty, growth of shantytowns, pollution in cities and lack of knowledge of inhabitants. It helps in refining standard of living and literateness rate of rural people. Rural industries take in customary sector and modern sector. Former consists of khadi and handloom, sericulture, handicraft and village industries, coir while the concluding includes power emerges and minor scale industries. III.Objective Of Study • To evaluate the Challenges faced in development by rural entrepreneurs in India. • To find out the Solutions to answer the problems of rural entrepreneurs. IV. Five Measures For Development Of Rural Entrepreneurs In India Entrepreneurs developing in rural areas are generally called as rural entrepreneurs. These types of entrepreneurs give much importance on founding of industrial units in rural areas. Rural entrepreneurs have remunerated special attention on village industries which are categorized into the following major categories. • chemical based and Polymer Industry • Engineering/Manufacturing Industry • Agriculture-based Industry • Textile Industry There is a rising need for rural entrepreneurs because industrialized units commenced by rural entrepreneurs are as long as much employment to men than machines. It has high prospective for income group in rural areas because of more employment

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