Essay On Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones

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Sometimes it’s impossible to believe that there was a time when cell phones weren’t around. The only communicating means were letters or direct conversation. The beginning of the phone era saw only communication facilities, where people used them just to communicate with each other but then came the cell phone era which added the facilities to be able to use it as a portable device and now you can just do anything and everything on a cell phone. From Calling to Texting , Navigations system , Voice recording , Camera , Video recording , What’s app , Facebook , Blogs , Twitter , Instagram , over a million types of games and what not! Negative Changes on the society Nowadays even most of the old age people are busy texting or using what’s…show more content…
This is bad because sometimes the intention leads to misinterpretation of the message conveyed and then leads to drama and social conflicts. Face- to -face communication among the youth is being squashed out by social networks. Phones are not used to get in touch with people anymore; Facebook and Twitter are the main tools of communication. The consequences of this kind of behaviours is social awkwardness and even social anxiety when confronted with new people to meet in person. Research has shown that Studies are interrupted and children become distracted when they receive notifications of a new chat messages, texts, or emails. Research has also shown that it is difficult for youth who rely too much on technology to have a conversation with adults in person because they lack to develop all of the necessary skills to hold or even start a face-to-face conversation. Whereas, these skills acquire a huge stake in Workforce. Nothing but only good face-to-face communication skills is what can get one a high paying, stable job, or possibly even admission into a university. If you lack these skills there is an 85% chance that you won’t even make it through the

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