Competitive Advantages Of Human Resource Management

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4.5 Competitive Advantage Analysis This part of report will analyse whether Folks DFK & Co. is able to utilise its resources and overcome its certain issues faced by the firm to sustain competitive advantage in current market. 4.5.1 Resource Allocated A. Human Resource The firm's human resource management is mainly controlled by partners, which include the involvement of partners in the recruitment process. Human resource department will select candidates with certain requirement to be shortlisted for interview. However, the interview will be conducted by the firm's partners themselves. Technical knowledge will be tested during the interview to ensure the qualification of employees to be recruited. Several factors which contribute to the firm ability to attract and retain staff are closer relationship between staff, firm's status as authorised training employer, and junior staff are being given opportunity to learn.…show more content…
are allocated based on different Business Group. Each business groups form a clan and have its own sub-cultures in the firm. Clan control can be considered as an important type of management control system in a service organisation such as audit firm. It is able to provide a sense of belonging to the staff, increase staff loyalty, and thus higher staff

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