Essay About Democracy In The Philippines

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The never-ending debate on the corruption of Philippine governance and politics has been the talk of the town that encompasses all generations. From those who were under the reign of the Marshall Law down to President Noynoy, politics is a complex yet elusive issue since what the media tells us is only a small fragment of the whole picture. Filipino citizens have the right to information yet its ironic how our democracy works since politicians put on a show on stage by framing the story that’s’ not showing the real context through the media. Telling fabricated stories to the Filipinos has developed into a carefully crafted system placing gatekeepers to monitor and cover up the real story. One may say telling half of the story is technically true since a portion of it has been…show more content…
Do we possess the power to actually create change? I found myself in this crossroads once; I despised how the Philippine government was treating its citizens using their hard earned tax payment as an ATM. I shared my opinions and sentiment to other people and they agreed yet does it really change anything? No, not at all. This is where Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. comes in; my class has the utmost privilege to have a talk by this very experienced and brilliant man. Honestly prior the talk, I had no idea who he was and when I told my mom about him, she recognized his name instantly and told me he is a very respected man both in politics and journalism. Thus this sparked my curiosity and when he did his talk all I can say is she was right, he’s a tough guy who knows what he’s talking about. A man of substance if you will, hence after that first encounter I googled his articles and I found myself compelled to one of them specifically, 2 Types of Public Officials. After reading this article it gave me the answer I was looking

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