The Kite Runner Short Story

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How would you feel if you do not have one of your parents? In the journey of life, this could be a conflict which can build mystery. You might want to know who the other parent was. Narrator relate the event about their journey in a manner about their journeys in a manner of conflict. Which builds mystery and tension. For instance, in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Hosseini explains how Amir wanted to have a closer relationship with his father but did not have one. Also in “Father” by Alice Walker, author exitibits how Aice wanted to have a closer relationship with her father but did not have one. In one literary selection the protagonist did not had mother and in the other selection protagonist had a mother. To begin with, Amir wanted closer relationship with his father but could not have one. For example, page 9 of The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini, it states “If someone bragged that his son was a doctor, chances were the kid had once passed a biology test in high school.” This proves Baba wanted Amir to be doctor but Amir could not satisfy his father dreams. He could not achieve what his father wanted. Also, For instance, on page 14 Hosseini states “I…show more content…
For example, on page 14 of The Kite Runner author states, “after all, I had killed his beloved wife.” this shows that Amir’s mother died while giving birth to Amir. Amir lost the love of her mother. Also for instance, on paragraph 1 of excerpt “Father”, author states “it is more difficult to write about my father than my mother.” This illustrates that she had a mother. Even that she spent more time with mother than her father. In other words this is the difference in both text that Amir did not had a mother and Alice did had a mother. One might believe that this is a conflict of life. Hence, in this manner of conflict author can also relate the events about their life, they can express feelings and they can tell how they faced the

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