Longer School Day Essay

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Will a longer school day really make students smarter? People think that our school day should be longer while others say that they should not. George Osborne, a british conservative party politician, may have announced the end of the 3.30 pm bell, but Peter Hughes, pioneering principal of Mossbourne Community Academy, thinks starting early is the key of success. This kind of important discussion leads us to find success factor of education because it is about the future of the generation. Government agencies and private educators alike in some countries have proposed that the length of the school day for children and teenagers be increased. Responds to that matter, there are many arguments about a longer school day. Some people will say a…show more content…
If it’s for homework, essay, or subjects pupils wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to study, that may work. But sports and the arts shouldn’t be piggy-backed onto the end of the day. As a father of five myself, I also worry about how tired younger children may get with such a long day.” Dr John Savage, reader in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, said. The children need to decide what they want to do, it is not all of activities have to be structured by someone else because it is better to give them freedom to decide something for themselves so that they will not be bridled. Every students has their own passion and it is different for each of them. According to figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development countries whose pupils do better on international tests - Canada, Finland and Norway- have a significantly shorter school day, from around 8.30am - 2.30 pm. Suprising that the best country for its education system today is not US, Japan, or Germany, but the education direction of the world refers to Finland which has a shorter school day. What makes Finland the best is the autonomous in learning is not only enjoyed by teachers, but also the students. One of them is where every students is given a special otonom to decide his examination schedule for each subjects that is considered already has been mastered. By European standards, British school day is already lengthy, at an
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