The Importance Of Tourism In Tourism

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Tonight’s topic is that local communities should be able to cap the number of tourists that enter their region. We do/do not agree with their definition. Instead, tonight we put forth the definition of the topic as: local communities being a group of interacting people sharing an environment. Furthermore, we define tourists as people entering a region with which they have no prior connection to for pleasure, and regions as the physical place where local communities reside, outlined by whatever borders are already in place. Tonight we propose a counter model, that instead of capping numbers of tourists, regions instead put in place procedure and protocol that seek to improve the quality of tourists and their behaviour. For example, as we are…show more content…
Moving on to my points. My first point tonight is a simple question, how will this be enforced? Are the affirmative team asking local communities to take a page out of America’s preferred book and build a wall around their region? And my second point is that we have to consider local businesses. An enforcement like this would be a killing blow against the business owner’s in these towns who are already struggling as it is. My team and I believe that the ramifications of these enforcements are greater than what little good that may come out of it. My first point this evening is the question of enforcement. Local

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