The Importance Of Tourism In Nepal

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Restrictive management practices, exclusionary conservation policy and non – participatory governance of protected area have rigorously affected livelihoods of an indigenous people who are predominately dependent on natural resources (Amin, 2015; West, 2006; Wells 1995). In the context of Nepal, the notion of biodiversity conservation held constraining perspective on the protection of flora and fauna. Therefore, several conflicts between park – people in protected areas are presented in literature case studies of Nepal (Nepal, 1992; Limbu, 2003; Pant 2012; Gyawali, 1989; Upreti, 1985; Silwal 2013). The formulation of National Park and Wildlife Conservation act in 1973 which led to the establishment of CNP imposed austerity on the livelihood…show more content…
In like manner, tour operators concentrated in Kathmandu City of Nepal retains most of the revenue generated from tourism (WWF Nepal, 2013); thus the economic benefit of tourism on an indigenous community residing within Buffer zone area of CNP is negligible (CNP, 2015; Pradhanang, 2002). Furthermore, Banskota, Sharma, Sharma, & Rijal, (1996) study displays majority of employment related to tourism activities at CNP been taken up by non – locals, Bookbinder (1998) shows 61% of hotels owned by outsiders and distribution of tourism economic benefits confined to…show more content…
In the context of Nepal; Nepal Tourism vision 2020, MoTca (2009); Tourism policy 2008, MoTca (2008) guides development of tourism industry to achieve harmonious, fair and equitable society. In regard to this, the GoN has valued tourism industry as a major contributor towards sustainable economic development, promotion of diversified multi-cultural society and conservation of biodiversity (Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, 2008). Furthermore, Mfsc (2014) has prioritized Sustainable tourism as an efficacious strategy that conserves environment and sustains well-being of local people; consequently leading to an improvement in management of protected

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