Mohandas Gandhi: A Peaceful Protester

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Mohandas Gandhi A Peaceful Protester Peace, love, and loyalty are words that people think of when they think of Mohandas Gandhi. Mohandas Gandhi changed the world by being a peaceful, tolerant rebel. He showed the world that people could be strong even though you have no power and use no violence. He left a legacy as a peaceful protester. When Gandhi was in his early years, he was known as a hero (Rau,51). In his early life, he was a hero that was frail on the outside, but strong on the inside (Compton's,15). Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in the state of Porbandar (Williams, online). His dad was a chief minister and his mom was a very religious woman who gave the idea of religion to Gandhi (Williams, online). All…show more content…
He is known worldwide for his nonviolent protests. During his great times, he made protests and began hunger strikes for peace (Williams, online). He fasted, began campaigning, and went to prison for 6 years all for peace. He would give up his life or peace and equality (Williams, online). He made the life-threatening act for peace among all. He began a revolution and saved the world 3 times (Nanda, online). He is a hero among all. One thing he fought for was the Salt March. He walked with thousands of people on March 12, 1930 (Williams, online). The destination of the trip was Ahmedabad from Dandi (Rau,1). It was a 390 km protest (Biography, online). This event was a protest that Gandhi managed for no salt tax on the Indians (Student Discovery, 23). At the end of the march, Gandhi had an exchange with Lord Irwin to end the salt tax forever (Biography, online). Gandhi has also worked in politics. He retired his title of leader of Indian National Congress to work at a rural community (Rau,69). After his retirement, he kept helping others with their lives that were in a struggle (Williams, online). He negotiated with the 1914 African government to remove restrictions on all the deserving Indians (Nagel,35). He also made law practices in his career. He set up laws in Bombay with no success but got an offer to work in South Africa (Williams, online). He accepted the position and went down to South Africa…show more content…
From his positive influence, he got named Mahatma and Mohandas, which means great soul (Compton’s/Nanda,15/online). He influenced many people who also influenced the world. He influenced Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez (Williams/Baker,online/38-40). They all made a change in the world, proving that peace is an important factor in the world of life. There may be lots of positive influence, but there is also negative. He influenced Nathuram Godse to kill him with a gun (Nanda, online). Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi because of his religious tolerance (Biography, online). Gandhi was shot in the chest in 1948 in Delhi, India (Williams,

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