Fat Yogurt Case Study

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Comparative Analysis between the most healthy and less healthy full fat yogurts in Saudi Arabia Al Danah International School September 30, 2015 1 2 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis Our study mainly focuses on how healthy or less healthy different brands of full fat yoghurt are in Saudi Arabia. First up what is a yoghurt? A yoghurt is a food produced from bacterial fermentation of milk, so it is also considered a dairy product. Here in Saudi Arabia, yogurt has been a very popular food for thousands of years it was one of the very first ''health'' foods and it has stood the test of time. Yogurt is a very famous dish around the world it has been used as a snack, side dish and even as an ingredient…show more content…
Materials/Equipments • 6 Brands of Full Fat Yogurts ( Almarai, Nada, Nadec, Activia, Al Safi ) • Measuring cup / Spoon B. General Procedures 7 1.) Check all ingredients and amount of each ingredient. 2.) Compare the components of each brand of yogurt to the others. Instrumentation and Data Collection • 1.) Gather all the instruments required to accomplish the task. • 2.)Compare the contents; ingredients with each other then record every data you have inquired concerning the ingredients and the brand. • 3.) Finally, complete the task by making a prompt detailed final record to identify formally which is the less healthy and most healthy yogurt brand. 8 Analysis of Data In this study, the statistical tool that we used is the central tendency (mean, median, mode. The mean is the sum of all measurements divided by the number of observations. The median is the middle value that separates the higher half and the lower half. The mode is the value that is the most frequent in the data

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