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The world revolves around the word MEDIA. Media is a form of transfer of information to the people on a massive scale. Due to the colossal depth of the word itself, hence it will be broken down to its singular letters. Firstly M stands for Mass, which speaks about the different media categories in the whole industry. E applies to the Export and Import theory. D is for Diversity which refers to the various types of media. I for Information which helps explain the importance of media itself. Finally A for Audience, which specifies media’s role to the society. M – Mass (categories) It is time to face the phenomena of rapid growth of media in the digital world. Media can be divided to four main categories in the world of websites; which are paid/bought media, earned media, owned media, and shared/social media. Paid or bought media is simply people who pay for media. A type that is traditionally advertising with banners, displays, and endorsements. In the new age, there are Facebook sponsored posts or sponsored tweets on Twitter. It is mainly time or space purchased on someone else’s platform. Earned media is an old PR term that…show more content…
Media is first and foremost, an information source to the people. Theaker (2004) states that media acts as an outlet to deliver information by selecting what goes on the front page of newspapers and magazines or what is included in the daily news on television. Every angle of a piece of ‘news’, is calculated and polished before letting it spread into its respective media. According to Akin (2005), after something is deemed newsworthy, there are decisions on how much time or space to give it or whom to interview and what pictures to use, also, how to frame it. Media is appreciated for its quick relay of information in times of crisis or importance. Tornadoes or volcanic eruptions warnings can be given in advance before the actual disaster strikes and hence, preventing lost of

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