The Importance Of Media In The Media

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Breaking News, Juicy Stories, and Controversial headlines. These are all alerting phrases that intrigue the mind and personally, make me want to read more. In recent times, there have been a number of negative events occurring in our world, and more reasons to keep updated through media. Images of Terror attacks, shootings, and riots have all recently become a constant part of our homes every time we turn on the television or go on social media. The media is not an entirely credible source, and it should not be your only source of information because it’s biased, it exists only to create profit, and it’s censored. This is a time where we depend on media to give us information about the world that we would otherwise, never know about. Unfortunately, we cannot trust this means of information. Do you ever stop to think of how much information being fed to us is actually accurate? We should always keep in mind that it is the Medias job to find the juiciest story and to plop on controversial headline. I know, I’ve personally seen it firsthand. Over summer, I took a trip to visit my family in a small town in Pennsylvania. After being there for three days something terrible occurred. A…show more content…
I must admit that there may not be all negative media, and for some things, the news can be very helpful. For example, you may have noticed my facts throughout this paper. I will admit that it’s a little ironic that I use facts from news articles to support my argument against media. Some may also say that the media is an excellent source of information such as coverage on the political candidates, but, each station has a biased opinion towards each party, and therefore, each person. Others may add that it’s the only way we are informed about the world around us. Although this may be true, media coverage shows just the tip of the iceberg in their own stories, and to learn the whole thing, you must do research on your

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