The Importance Of Supervision In Education

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Supervision is still much of a concern because it has not been as regular, dynamic and effective as expected (Onoyase & Onoyase, 2007). Although, the FIS and the State Inspectorate service are making concerted effort to monitor and inspect schools, many schools in the rural areas are left on their own. Without regular supervision, students’ attitude towards learning continues to worsen and teachers do not take time to prepare for lessons. Many teachers cache on this loop hole by continuing with out-dated teaching methods and are inconsistent with students’ assessments. The practice of visiting the classroom was once a common occurrence but since supervision became irregular, teachers and students are frequently late and or absent from school given the slightest excuse. Without supervision, the students would not attend to assignments and would not be attentive in class. Unfortunately, the principals who should actively carry out direct classroom supervision do not consider this task crucial to the effective school leadership. Eya &…show more content…
For Utake, (2012), supervision involves attentiveness to details of the teacher’s work but many principals do not have the diligence or the willingness to ensure that what is happening in the classrooms are what should actually be taking place there – ‘learning’. Generally, the Chief inspectors of education in Nigerian education system have the mandate to implement supervision and monitoring as a quality assurance measure in secondary schools. Sometimes the qualification and experience of the inspectorate staff leaves much to be desired. There seem to be no

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