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“Monikers (street names), legal names, addresses, known associates, photographs, and gang affiliation.” (Katz, Webb, page 131) It was very interesting to read that prevention and education was held so low to the gang unit officers. They thought that it isn’t really their job and should be done by someone else. They believed the time they would take to education and help prevent gang involvement, would take up valuable time that could be spent on enforcement related activities. Being one of the most tedious tasks were documenting that gangs, members, and crimes. Self admission was the top identification procedure police relied on, and it was easy. The gang member being young, admitted to being in what gang. Tattoo’s also were very easy could…show more content…
While reading, most gang officers were male veteran officers. They had to go through numerous test, to qualify for the gang unit. They learned protocols, tactic’s and investigative processes specialized for the gang unit. Nothing compares to hands on learning. Most of what they use, was learning while already being an officer from field experiences. A gang officer and a patrol officer helped each other when they could. Being predominantly males, they angered each other when they could work together or help out due to circumstances. Gang unit officers in a may did what they wanted. There lack of supervision made their police performance unique but sometimes lazy. As stated in class, sometimes they would visit their girlfriends, hit the gym, or even play…show more content…
In chapter 8, gang tactics acted as if under community policing. In theory, the gang unit officers preferred the similarities of community policing because it led the resident being more comfortable to talk to them about gang problems, and violence. This didn’t always lead to the best of relationships. Gang officers want all the information they could get from the community. Yet, in return the gang officers did not feel obligated to give information back to the public. This created a one-way street, stressing and confusing the community. This made some officer worry, and found in the research that gang officers didn’t trust every source and the information

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