One's Consequences In The Conscience Of Huckleberry Finn

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There are consequences to one’s action, and before a decision can be made, one has to think about it. People always think before making a decision, no matter if it is small or big. They think about how it is going to affect them in the future. The consequences can be positive or negative. One’s conscience makes those decisions based on what it is best for the person’s interests. Even if the outcome harms someone or has an impact on the society. Everybody's conscience is different with different thoughts that seem right to people. However, the conscience can be wrong, and not everyone listens to what their conscience have to say. Conscience is an intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong. This allows people to…show more content…
It also gets them out of trouble by their family members, peers, co-workers, or by the law. For them not to get in trouble, they obey their conscience. However, it doesn’t mean that they are doing the right, they are just doing what is right for themselves, and not what is right for the rest of their surroundings. People just follow up to their societal expectations. For example, the Nazi Commander Himmler had a duty that he thought he should carry out because it was what his society expects him to do. In the article, The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn, Jonathan Bennett illustrates how conscience consists of bad judgment or good judgment. He stated that, “...someone who acts in ways which conflict grossly with our morality may nevertheless have a morality of his own - a set of principles of action which he sincerely assents to, so that for him the problem of acting well or rightly or in obedience to conscience is the problem of conforming to those principles”(pg.33). Himmler had a bad morality or principles that he obeys to. He commanded the whole concentration camp system and was responsible for the execution of four and a half million Jews, as well as millions of Poles and Russians. He thought his duty was necessary to accomplish. His principles constituted his moralities. In the eyes of the rest of the society, his actions were seen as pure evil because he murdered innocent…show more content…
The conscience exists for people to differentiate between right and wrong. It protects them from other people or the laws of society. However, there are societies that are different and some of the morals rules that it has is not always similar. There are many cultures with different moral rules, and some of these rules may seem wrong to other cultures. There are people who strongly believes and obeys their moral rules because it is part of their conscience. It is what they were taught as kids by their caregiver or by the environment they grew up in. People can do horrific things without questioning their conscience, however, there times when their emotions start to conflict with their conscience, and that changes how they view their morality. Many say that God gave them consciences that allows them to do the right things, but people do not always do the right thing. There are people that break the laws and gets punished for it, and there are children who disobey simple rules because they did not listen to their

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